Unwind Cradle


Unwinding rolls of fabric for further processing during range operation


Menzel Unwind Cradle

When the application calls for surface unwinding, the Menzel Unwind Cradle offers an efficient, easy loading method of unwinding webs in a continuous range operation.

The Menzel Unwind Cradle is manufactured in two versions-medium-duty for lighter weight fabrics and rolls up to 24 in diameter and heavy-duty for heavier weight fabrics and rolls up to 40 in diameter. Both units are built to handle a variety of webs and applications.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel side plates with rigid cross bracing for 24-hour a day operation.
  • Adjustable guide plates to accommodate a variety of roll widths.
  • Four 6 (medium-duty) or four 8 (heavy-duty) steel rollers with pillow block bearings for years of trouble-free service.
  • Sheet metal enclosure for drive and shaft extension.

Optional Features:

  • Chain and sprocket drive for connecting bottom two rollers to an extended shaft for drive or brake.
  • Motorized adjustable guide plates.
  • Air clutch on extended shaft to disengage drive during start-up.
  • Stainless steel rolls for wet applications.Pneumatic brake to stop cradle rolls at machine stop.
  • Roll storage table with pneumatic gate for ease of loading.
  • Adjustable speed drive with linear acceleration/deceleration, isolation transformer and control station.
  • Guidance system with photo-electric sensor and hydraulic actuator to keep web straight during winding process.