Hot-Wire Splicer


“Butt-Seaming” non-wovens, foams and various thermoplastic webs


Menzel Hot-Wire Splicer

R69_3282 Hot Splicer

Conventional seaming of Non-Wovens, Foams and Thermoplastics is handled by overlapping the webs. The Menzel Hot-Wire Splicer makes it possible, to butt splice these webs. The unit can be designed to accommodate webs from 24” to 200”.

The Hot-Wire Splicer cuts and welds the two webs together, forming a clean, flat butt-splice. Each Unit is furnished with an adjustable temperature controller and variable heating and cooling cycles to accommodate a wide variety of web materials and thicknesses.

Standard Features:

  • Compact steel frame is rigidly cross-braced and fitted with all operating mechanisms.
  • Set of pneumatically operated jaws with push-button controls and nip pressure adjustment make operating the splicer simple and trouble-free
  • Resilient pads on both nipping surfaces are fabricated from heat resistant silicone rubber
  • A 14 gauge, Ni-Chrome heating element with wire tension adjustment insures a smooth, even splice
  • Electronic control package includes temperature controller, heating and cooling cycle timers and a safety interlock to prevent energizing the wire when the jaws are open

Optional Features:

  • Portable stand with coasters increases mobility