Singeing Machine


Reducing “pilling” while enhancing fabric appearance


Menzel Standard-Duty Singer

In order to reduce “pilling” and enhance the appearance of fabric, the long, hairy fibers have to be burned off. Menzel, the United States’ largest singer manufacturer, has developed a system to handle these needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

With individual burner controls for fuel efficiency and the optional availability of additional burners for increased speed, we can custom-tailor a singer to fit your specific requirements.

Standard Features:

  • Six ribbon burners with stainless steel orifices fire alternately on both sides of the fabric, with the direction adjustable from direct to tangential flame impingement. These burners are rotated and automatically extinguished when machine is stopped.
  • Individual proportioning valves provide a full range of air/gas mixtures for each burner.
  • Flames are monitored by a UL approved system with individual gas pilots, flamerods and protection control panel.
  • A combustion air blower is also furnished for external mounting.
  • Easy to read, prewired control center is equipped with an on/off selector switch and indicator lights for power, exhaust, combustion air, high gas, low gas, cooling water and burners “on”.
  • Six 6″ stainless steel, water-cooled rolls are symmetrically mounted in sliding bearings providing adjustment in burner to roller distance, keeping fabric under control and parallel to the burners.

Optional Features:

  • Interconnecting belt roll drive arrangement for better fabric control and consistent tension.
  • Duct fan, complete with motor and connecting drive, for improved ventilation.
  • Available with up to 8 burners and rolls of any combination, depending on application.
  • Individual control and selection of number of burners in operation.
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