Accumulating fabric to allow continuous range operation during roll changes


Menzel Scrays

When your finishing range has to be stopped in order to change roll, production comes to a halt. To avoid this problem, Menzel has developed a line of scrays, in several configurations, to allow continuous operation during roll changes for a wide variety of webs and applications.

Whether you need a J-Scray for a wide variety of fabrics, a U-Scray for delicate fabrics, or a Z-Scray for maximum accumulation, or your requirements call for a custom-designed scray, we have a solution for you.

Standard Features:

  • Rigid steel framework is fabricated with 2“ x 6” rectangular tubing.
  • Grooved, rubber covered draw roll with a system of anti-wrap cords insures continuous operation without wrap up due to static.
  • Air-loaded nip atop the draw roll helps prevent slippage and improved traction.
  • Slide pan is formed by a series of 3/4″ round, stainless steel tubes, fixed parallel on 3’ centers to guide the fabric. Perfect for wet or dry applications.

Optional Features:

  • Idler rolls for tight-strand operation.
  • 2”-bar tension device with hand-wheel adjustment for tension control of various fabrics.
  • White formica inspection table, with 2” idler rolls and adjustable tilt angle, enhances quality control.
  • Operator’s platform, with 2” idler rolls and lean rail make inspection process convenient and safe.
  • Variable speed drive allows independent feed operation from the finishing range.
  • Skyframe with guiders for web alignment.