Multi-Station A-frame Winder


Continuance A-frame winding of fabrics, plastics, rubber and non-wovens is inefficient.



Menzel Multi-Station A-frame Winder

Certain webs are stretched and damaged in the winding process. That’s why Menzel has developedthe A-Frame Center Winder/Unwinder. As the name implies, the system winds and unwinds the fabricfrom the center with even and controlled web tension during large roll winding or unwinding.

An optional Polyband Expander roll will smooth out any wrinkles giving you a perfect roll every time.

Standard Features:

  • Overhead roll assembly
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • A-Frames with fixed cores or removable air shafts for winding on cardboard cones
  • DC or AC inverter drive system
  • Manual elector value to start and stop each individual drive station
  • Single-web, two slit widths, or three-slit widths



Optional Features:

Accumulator can be used to accumulate material during the roll change process for a continuous operation.