Two-Roll Surface Winder


Consistently winding high-quality, straight, crease-free rolls


Menzel Two-Roll Surface Winder

High speed winding is obviously an important part of any finishing range, which is why Menzel concentrates so much attention to developing web winding systems for nearly every conceivable application. However, what is overlooked at times is the quality of the finished roll, which is where the Menzel Two-Roll Surface Winder shines. The Two-Roll Surface Winder offers variable speeds to handle a variety of materials and produces uniform, crease-free rolls time after time.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy steel side plates with rigid cross-bracing for heavy-duty operation.
  • Sheet metal enclosures with hinged doors on both ends.
  • Pair of surface winding rolls with speed differential to ensure tight packages.
  • Adjustable tube guides to handle a variety of widths.

Optional Features:

  • Operator’s platform with non-slip walkboard, handrails and rolls to allow underpassage of web.
  • Guidance system with photo-electric edge sensor, solid-state control panel and hydraulic actuator to keep web straight during the winding process.
  • Pneumatic powered-offing package
  • Adjustable speed drive with linear acceleration/deceleration, isolation transformer and control station.
  • Pneumatically-operated cross cut knife assembly with carriage and urethane wheels, and pushbutton operator and speed control adjustment.
  • Polyband Expander or bow roll for removal of wrinkles and creases.
  • Oscillating Roll to eliminate selvage build-up.
  • Variety of slitting assemblies including score cut, shear cut, razor cut and hot knife.