Brusher/Lint Collector


Safely and efficiently cleaning fabric, while removing and collecting lint and dust


Menzel Brusher/Lint Collector

When it comes to web cleaning, the Menzel Brushing Machine with optional Lint Collector is the workhorse of the industry. It brushes and vacuums the fabric while raising the long fibers, making it an excellent pre-singeing machine.

Lint and dust is removed and collected in two large nylon bags. Air is filtered prior to its return to the production area for clean, safe operation.

Standard Features:

  • Two guide rolls direct the web in a single vertical pass through the machine. Four brush rolls, with 8 spiral rows of tufted nylon bristles, are arranged alternately left and right hand. All can be adjusted with a single handwheel.
  • Brushes are V-belt driven and are normally rotated the opposite direction of web passage for optimal cleaning.
  • Hinged door lends accessibility to the AC drive motor, belts and sheaves.
  • Adjustable flinger bars fitted to each brush roll eject the lint into the lint collectors vacuum air stream.
  • Free-standing, remote mounted lint collector consists of an enclosed heavy steel framework with expanded metal sides and an industrial blower mounted atop the unit.

Optional Features:

  • Ductwork configuration for lint collector (normally supplied by customer) can be designed and supplied by Menzel.

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