Roller - Design, Fabrication & Repair


Replacing, improving, and repairing existing web handling rollers



Menzel Roller Service

Whether you are in the market for a replacement for an existing roller, looking for an improved roller solution to address a web handling problem or needing an emergency repair for a worn bearing
surface or broken journal, Menzel can be your source for all your roller needs.

Services Offered

  • Complete Design & Engineering
  • Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel Roller Fabrication and Repair
  • Reverse Engineering (On-site, if needed)
  • Web/Roller Problem Diagnosis
  • Ultrasonic Core & Header Evaluation
  • Dye Penetrant & Magna Flux Testing
  • Static & Dynamic Roll Balancing
  • Roll Covering Options including Rubber, Urethane, Cork, Traction Tape, Chrome and other Coverings
  • Wrinkle and Web Tension Solutions including Bow Rolls and Menzel’s Proprietary Polyband Expander
  • Expedited Repairs Offered
  • Transport Can Be Arranged, If Needed